Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Her wrinkled skin,
Eyes sparkling more than her cross.
And her lips, more red with age
Hair covered with her Saree, bordered blue;
She smiles, she ever smiles.

Oh she's beautiful!
When she lifts a child, hungry
For food, for love.

Oh she's beautiful!
When she touches him,
The leprosy ridden one.

Oh she's beautiful!
When through slums, she walks
her back bent.

Oh Mother!, she is
And her immortal
Beauty Divine.


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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When all lights disappear,
And still to see, you hope.
The before-rain winds
Give you thorns;
The humidity rising,
And the water cycle struggling to complete.

Oh! Its rain rain rain!
Oh! Its flood flood flood!!

And over there,
Me see the dark clouds parting.

Oh! It’s a ray ray ray!
Oh! Its light light light!!

Onto my stage has landed
The deus-ex-machina .