Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Counting 24

1...2...3...4....6...7 and I got a bang on my head..I looked up. "Ei!! 4 er por 6 ? " (hey!! how come 6 after 4 ? ) said mom. I was surprised at the sudden strike on my head and so it took me some time to understand what had happened.. Gosh! I had missed 5 !. I could see the same 5 in my mother's widened red eyes. I nodded " na 4...5...6...7..8 "...I went on. This was when I was 4, struggling to learn how to count.

Today am 24...twenty years on and I still miss my count. I argued early in the morning with mom that I had reached 25. And again the bang! " Ei!! 23 er por 25 ? "( hey!! how come 25 after 23 ? )...true! I was 23 last year. Perhaps in my hurry to reach a some jubilee, I missed it out yet again..

But I enjoyed the bang this time. :)

Hey 25!! one more year to go....

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Happiness isn't only smile..its something that should come from inside, reflect in your eyes. For days I am trying to find my sparkle. But its now that I smile,with my eyes. People say they are pretty and yes they are,when I smile.

The day started sad as I got the news that my brother isn't coming for my birthday and so is my best friend. And so yet another lonely birthday. But The perfect poet award brings my smile back and am really happy. And happy I am.