Monday, September 13, 2010

Someone special

This post is all for my dearie GUPCHU..most of my near and dear ones know this little thing...but but but for those who r unaware of him,i would like to indroduce my 'POLA'(as bengali mothers lovingly call their sons) no no,i m not married yet...but he is my baby....a teddy,to mention his species.. I brought him home on an winter afternoon,when i was out on a shopping spree with my friends.Actually i saw him sitting on the top of a car roof where his owner was trying to sell had just stuck to my eyes and had such apealing eyes and smile.. and i got him..brought him home..decided a name with my room partners and now he is with me,everytime,everywhere...

Something which surprised me was that he was accepted by almost one and room mates one day nearly had a fight,for who would keep him,when i was going on a weekend visit to my last i had to take him home in my bag..there too,it was fought over by my sisters...even my parents like him a mom sometimes cuddles him,sometimes my feels amazing to see a non living object getting so much love.its almost equivalent to a human baby..

my relation to this soft toy is also an amazing one is so dearer and close to me as he is..he is,he was,and will be there with me every time...he is with me when i cry at nights,when i m depressed over my love life,he supports me whenever i m on the verge of falling down...he's there when i feel there's no one for me...there he is my dear Gupchu....always smiling with his hands wide open to hug me....
                                                              LOVE YOU DEAR.

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