Friday, December 31, 2010

In quest for peace--a visit to Shantiniketan

"Bolpur-Shantiniketan station a aapnaake swagato janai (welcome to Bolpur Shantiniketan station)" was one of the first sounds which entered my muffler-ed ears while struggling to set foot on the platform amidst the buzz of the crowd. Everybody was trying to get down first. The  train journey  was hectic but it was the kooo-jhik-jhik of the train had kept me occupied for all the 1 and 1/2hour from Bardhaman station. The trains here are still run by diesel engine. The two parallel railway lines lay side by side without being tangled and overshadowed by the electric poles and wires..its a different sight..different from the present day railway lines,in our cities,even towns and metros..

As one enters the town,one can see Tagore almost everywhere...'kaviguru' is a name used almost everywhere.Kaviguru restaurant, Kaviguru cyclemart, Kaviguru vastralay...the list is my surprise i was even eating Kaviguru fruit cake for breakfast..


The main reason behind my visit was the 'poush mela',which attracts thousands of tourists from across the world. I also got a chance to visit the place..and thanks to my room mate Suparna who invited me for this escape from the daily drudgery.

 Shantiniketan campus was a different place altogether.even with the thousand of tourists,it retained its shanti(which i had not expected,after my experience at the railway station).surrounded by trees,trees,trees,more trees,more & more trees,of every species..but mind you it didn't look like a was different..with light and shades playing together,the game of muddy road,taking curve here and there,Baul song at the background,feel of Tagore everywhere..perhaps this very different atmosphere itself made Tagore think differently...

Walking by the red soiled roads among the trees,i found a new meaning to the word 'shanti'..the two day trip brought my sun burnt brain to peace. a place worth a visit..specially at this time of year..

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